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Product description:
extremely fast programming, one of the fastest programmers in this category. Programs 64-Mbit NOR Flash memory less than 9 seconds and 1Gbit NAND Flash less than 70 sec.
48-pins powerful pindrivers, no adapter required for any DIL devices
ISP connector for in-circuit programming
dual connection to PC: USB (up to 480 Mbit/s) or parallel (printer) port
USB 2.0 (high speed, full speed) and 1.1 compatible interface
alternatively high-speed IEEE 1284 (ECP/EPP) printer-port (LPT) interface
comfortable and easy to use control program, work with all versions of MS Windows from Windows 98 to Window 7 64-bit
unique quick reaction to customer's needs - software update can be ready within a day from request by OnDemand software
Multiprogramming possible by attaching more programmers to one PC
approved by CE laboratory to meet CE requirements
made in Slovakia.
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