Programmer Agent
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Product description:
1、Super high speed programming
Read/Write (R/W) cycle of the fastest 20nsec,Programming speed of 0.019s per 1Mbit
Max. 64bit data bus access
2、High-capacity buffer memory
 Installed 16Gbit as a standard.
 It is expandable to 256Gbit as optional.
3、Concurrent and independent operations
 Programming to devices in 4 different types of adapters independently.
(In this case, programming is performed by each slot.)
 Concurrent programming of 4 different kinds of data.
(Only apply to the same model of adapter and device.)
4、Performs concurrent programming of 32 devices by connecting 4 units of AG9730
5、Able to use the same conversion adapter as AG9860
6、Installed full pin checking (standard) and simple inspection (optional)
7、Download master data from a CF card
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