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Special Features:

High speed Gang programmer 4sets of『MODEL408PH』 (8sockets ×4sites total 32pcs) auto programming system.

Programmer MODEL408PH is equipped
PH-M480 with MODEL408PH is operated by panel operation easily.
UPH1000 is capable by compact machine.
Main target is high density devices (higher programming time 90seconds)
NAND・eMMC, and Flash memory.
Adjusting JIG is not needed to change socket adapter.
4sets of programmers with auto handler make it possible to high throughput for programming. Multiple programmers create high production capacity not depending on programming time.
◆Buffer memory : Standard 256Gbit
◆Target devices: eMMC・eSD・GB-NAND・MoviNAND・i-NAND・NAND・OneNAND・Flash Micro controller・NOR・etc
◆Time to exchange socket adapter:Lower 300 seconds(Data transfer time is not included)
◆Air :0.4Mpa-0.5Mpa 50l/min ※Clean dry air only
Power Supply :AC110V/ AC220V 50/60Hz 200VA
Size Weight :(D)900,(W)1400,(H)1500(mm) 450Kg 
※LCD display is not included.
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